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PIM Open Standard WG

Page history last edited by Mike Diamond 10 years ago

I'm pretty fed up with PIM and the sheer lack of interoperability in this space.  Only closed systems get it right, and they get so many other things wrong.  I'm thinking it's time to start a PIM Open Standard Working Group to come up with an RFC for PIM interop, and feel a good place to start is to start chronicling the issues.


Exported State Persistence


Calendar events lack a unique identifier or other hook, so that when exported from one system to another, certain attributes are preserved, such as: if you're the owner of the meeting request, you should remain the owner once exported


Reminder API


I've run into situations where reminders could not be snoozed or ignored when reading remote calendars.  I believe this is due to a lack of or problem with a network language for calandaring


Export/Import format


Some calendar application only support CSV, and recurrences aren't preserved.  A standard export/import format should be conceived that supports all the necessary calendaring attributes




We should call the networking language spimp, for Simple Personal Information Management Protocol.  "Universal" also works in place of "Simple", but the "pimp" is required.


There's much more to address, but this is a good start.

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